Deposit & Payment

Deposit & Payment
Vietnam Discovery Travel Co., Ltd


Clients have the option to make payments via credit card using a secure online payment gateway. Vietnam Discovery Travel Co., Ltd recommends using the 9Pay online payment gateway for its speed, security, and convenience. This gateway accepts online payments through debit and credit cards, processed via SSL protocol adhering to international card security standards. Client card information is not stored within the merchant system but is handled by MasterCard with international security standards.

Clients can use their cards to make deposits through an online link provided by the travel consultant. It’s important to note:

– A 3% service fee is charged for credit card payments, which belongs to the bank, and Vietnam Discovery Travel Co., Ltd receives the net cost.
– Accepted cards include VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB.
– Upon receiving the order link, clients should review the order information. If correct, they should read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before proceeding to payment. The payment process redirects clients to the 9PAY Payment Gateway, where they can use their Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or JCB cards for payment.

In case of unsuccessful transactions, clients should consider:

– Ensuring correct card information input.
– Sufficient credit balance (daily or monthly).
– Activation of the card for online payments, which can be done by contacting the issuer bank.

If a transaction is not successful despite correct information input, clients should refrain from making additional payments and contact Vietnam Discovery Travel Co., Ltd to inquire about the transaction result and receive confirmation of the order via email at

Payment via Western Union:

Clients can opt to send deposits through Western Union if the service is available in their area. This method is described as fast, easy, and safe. Clients should use the following recipient details:

– Recipient’s Name: Ngo Trong Sang (Surname: Ngo, First name: Trong Sang)
– Mobile Phone: +84 799 702 888
– Tel:+84 799 702 888
– Address: 3A/578 Ngoc Thuy Street, Long Bien Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

After depositing, clients should provide the following information to Vietnam Discovery Travel Co., Ltd:

– MTCN (10-digit Money Transfer Control Number):**
– Amount in USD:
– Sender’s name:
– Address:
– Mobile Number (if available):

Bank Transfer:

Clients can also make payments via bank transfer using the following USD bank account information:

– Beneficiary Name: Ngo Trong Sang

Note:Clients should ensure to accurately fill in the account number, account name, and SWIFT code during the bank transfer process.