Vung Vieng Fishing Village: a Fairyland with Wonderful Scenery

Vietnam in general, and the Northern region in particular, is blessed with abundant natural landscapes that have contributed to Vietnam’s reputation on the world tourism map. Despite the well-known and beloved destinations such as Ha Long Bay, Trang An – Bai Dinh, and Sapa, there are still many beautiful and majestic places waiting to be discovered, yet not widely known. One of these hidden gems is the fishing village of Vung Vieng, one of the four oldest floating fishing villages in Quang Ninh province that still exists today.

Visiting Vung Vieng fishing village, you will be impressed not only by its majestic scenery but also by the friendliness and hospitality of the local people here. Let’s explore this unique village to add another wonderful destination to your choice for your next trip to Vietnam.

I. Overview of Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Vung Vieng Fishing Village: a Fairyland with Wonderful Scenery
Overview of Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Vung Vieng Fishing Village: a Fairyland with Wonderful Scenery

Vung Vieng is located in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, a small bay adjacent to Ha Long Bay in northeastern Vietnam, about 25 km from the mainland of Quang Ninh province. Bai Tu Long Bay used to be a bustling trading gateway where ships from China and other countries came to exchange goods. Therefore, Vung Vieng fishing village was once a wealthy fishing village renowned for pearl farming. To this day, there are still remnants of a famous trading port that travelers can find along the way when visiting the village, serving as evidence of a glorious period.

As Vung Vieng fishing village is situated in Bai Tu Long Bay, less renowned compared to Ha Long Bay, the village has retained its charming simplicity, which has captivated many visitors.

II. The best time to visit Vung Vieng fishing village


Characteristic of the Vietnamese sea is the frequent occurrence of storms and low-pressure systems, especially from July to August. Therefore, if you intend to visit Vung Vieng specifically and Vietnamese beaches in general, you should avoid these two months.

The period from October to September annually is the ideal time to visit Vung Vieng fishing village when the sea is calm, the weather is cool, and it coincides with the summer vacation period, so there will be many exciting activities organized to welcome tourists.

III. Highlights of Vung Vieng fishing village

The first impression of Vung Vieng fishing village in the eyes of tourists is a quaint village with majestic natural scenery that is unparalleled anywhere else.


Highlights of Vung Vieng fishing village

Surrounded by green limestone islands
The village is surrounded by towering green limestone islands closely packed together to shield and protect the small village from large ocean waves. These limestone islands were formed thousands of years ago by the movement of the Earth’s surface. To this day, the waves continue to erode the islets, creating unique shapes. The limestone islands are covered with vegetation, making them resemble green gems floating on the sea.


On some islands, there are unique species of animals such as monkeys, bats, and various birds. Sometimes, you can see birds like eagles, seagulls, etc., soaring in the blue sky.

deal for those who want to escape the noise

Because the village is located far from the mainland, life here is peaceful, simple, and almost unaffected by the outside world. That’s why the village is highly regarded as a suitable destination for those who want to have a wonderful vacation and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Vung Vieng fishing village has over 100 families living in colorful floating houses closely clustered together. Most of them have lived here for three generations, earning a living by fishing. These houses seem no different from land houses, equipped with gas stoves, TVs, radios, and the only difference is that instead of motorcycles or cars, each family has their own small boat to travel from home to the mainland or to take their children to school. In front of each house are fish cages and pearl farming cages, providing various types of fish to supply food for the local people and tourists who want to buy fresh seafood as gifts.

IV. What to see and do in Vung Vieng Fishing Village?

What to See and Do in Vung Vieng Fishing Village?
What to see and do in Vung Vieng Fishing Village?

What to See and Do in Vung Vieng Fishing Village?

In your journey to explore Ha Long Bay, one of the seven new natural wonders, it would be a pity to miss the experience of overnight boat trips in Vung Vieng fishing village. When you come here, you have the opportunity to have unforgettable experiences that are hard to come by in other trips.

Firstly, you will feel the peace and tranquility of the floating village. Surrounding the village are limestone islands, giving you the sensation of being in a large lake. Rowing through caves to explore the islands or drifting along the water to admire the surrounding scenery are truly enjoyable experiences that immerse you in nature.

Secondly, you can participate in the experience of being a fisherman for a day, going fishing with the local people when night falls and returning at dawn to enjoy the fresh seafood catch. Especially, squid fishing is an activity highly favored by foreign tourists, and you can grill the squid right on the boat. If you plan to visit Vung Vieng fishing village early, don’t miss out on this exciting experience.

If you don’t like fishing, there are still plenty of activities and beautiful destinations for you to choose from, such as swimming at pristine beaches on islands, visiting the famous Mat Qui Island with its unique shape, exploring the Seven Wells Cave, or visiting the primeval forests of Tra Ban Island.

V. How to get to Vung Vieng fishing village?

Similar to visiting other floating fishing villages in Ha Long Bay, first, you have to take a boat from the mainland to Ha Long Bay and then take a small boat to the village. There are many boats to Ha Long Bay that you can buy tickets for directly at ticket offices, but usually, tourists always contact and book tickets through travel companies to get a cheaper price.

To visit Vung Vieng fishing village, tourists have to row a small boat (usually used in fishing villages) through Cao Cave – a famous natural tunnel cave in Bai Tu Long Bay, considered a natural wonder. The entrance gate of Vung Vieng fishing village is the next stop. Then, tourists will visit Luon Cave – another cave along the way to Vung Vieng fishing village.

VI. Additional advice

Best Time of the Year to Visit Vietnam 2023Vung Vieng fishing village is quite far from the mainland, so there may be some shortages and inconveniences. The best way is to prepare thoroughly before the trip. Below are some useful tips for your reference:

Read and gather as many shared experiences and reviews as possible before the trip.
Bring a jacket or a thin blanket because it can be colder on the sea.
Bring at least one flashlight, a power bank because the electricity in the village is generated from a generator, and the locals prioritize its use for essential tasks.
Bring mosquito repellent, motion sickness medicine, cold medicine, and some common medications because if you get sick at night, it will take a long time to get you to the hospital.