Lung Cu Flagpole, Ha Giang


Lung Cu Flagpole is a fantastic tourist attraction for visitors to Ha Giang province. It is considered an important symbol of Vietnam’s national border. Therefore, this place has become a worthwhile destination due to its spectacular scenery and significant historical significance related to the pride of the Vietnamese people. So let’s explore the fascinating Lung Cu Flagpole together with

Lung Cu Flagpole, Ha Giang
Lung Cu Flagpole, Ha Giang

Location of Lung Cu Flagpole


It is located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, in Long Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. Lung Cu Flagpole is approximately 500 km from Hanoi and 200 km from the city of Ha Giang. Many young travelers often visit Lung Cu Flagpole for checking in or for adventurous motorbike journeys to challenge themselves to explore this location by climbing mountains.

How to Get to Lung Cu Flagpole?

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To travel to this famous destination, you first need to get to Ha Giang province. To ensure a smooth journey, you can consider some suggestions below for the best experience:

From Hanoi to Ha Giang by Private Vehicle:

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From Ha Giang to Lung Cu Flagpole:

Today, there are many types of vehicles to reach this famous tourist attraction, such as motorcycles, buses, cars, and it takes about 4 hours to get there. When traveling to Lung Cu Flagpole, you can also stop by and explore the Tham Ma Pass, Quan Ba, and the palace of the Hmong king.

Entrance Fees and Operating Hours:

You can easily purchase tickets at the entrance gate at the foot of Lung Cu Flagpole. Below are the ticket prices for reference:

– Adults: 25,000 VND per adult.

– Children under 1.3m tall: free.

Ticket prices for the electric car ride to the top of Lung Cu Flagpole:

– Adults: 15,000 VND per adult.

– Children under 5 years old: free.

With these entrance tickets, you can spend the whole day here to enjoy the fullest experience with many activities that we will suggest for you to consider.

History of Lung Cu Flagpole:

Lung Cu Flagpole was constructed on the peak of Mount Rong in 1887 at an elevation of 1,470 meters above sea level. This tower serves as a sacred landmark in the northeastern part of Vietnam, marking the national border to protect the country.

The flagpole is 33 meters high, with an area of 54 square meters symbolizing the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. Surrounding the flagpole are towering Dong Son bronze drums and eight prominent green stone blocks depicting historical events and the nation-building and defending process of the Vietnamese people.

To reach Lung Cu Flagpole, tourists have to climb over 800 stone steps, divided into three parts. If you want to get there faster, you can ride a motorbike to a parking lot, and then climb 283 stairs to reach the flagpole. When you are on top of Lung Cu Flagpole, you can witness breathtaking landscapes and enjoy the feeling of being on top of a mountain.

What to Do at Lung Cu Flagpole:

At Lung Cu Flagpole, tourists can capture moments with the flagpole and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful natural scenery, including the landscapes of Vietnam and the neighboring Chinese mountains.

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Standing on Lung Cu Flagpole also brings visitors a sense of pride and excitement for conquering the summit of a significant landmark. Moreover, looking down from the mountain, you can see the two Green Dragon Eyes, which are the water source of the Lolo and Hmong ethnic groups.


In addition, tourists have the opportunity to admire the stunning blooming triangular circuit flowers around Lung Cu Flagpole in October and November every year, especially witnessing the typical changing terraced fields according to the seasons in the city of Ha Giang.

When you visit this place in June and July, you will be impressed by the lush and attractive green terraced fields, but by September, these fields turn yellow with ripe rice. Therefore, travelers will have beautiful pictures with dreamy backgrounds.

terraced fields
terraced fields

Furthermore, you can try various unique dishes such as egg rolled cakes, five-color sticky rice, and thang co. Besides, tourists can visit some nearby attractions around Lung Cu Flagpole.

Best Time to Visit Lung Cu Flagpole:

Here are some suggestions for choosing your preferred time to visit:

– January to March: If you are passionate about cherry blossoms, you should choose this time because it is the season of plum blossoms.

Nearby Attractions to Lung Cu Flagpole

  1. Dong Van Old Town

In this old town, you can witness centuries-old architecture spanning nearly 1 km with over 40 houses built closely together. If you visit the town of Dong Van on the lunar full moon day, it is adorned with colorful lanterns, creating a mystical and enchanting atmosphere. It takes about 50 minutes from Lung Cu Flagpole to reach Dong Van Town.

  1. Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark

The Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark is covered with limestone rocks almost entirely. It is a shared karst geopark of four districts: Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac in Ha Giang City. This rocky area is also known for its pristine and poetic beauty, often referred to as the “grey paradise” with its peculiar stone formations nestled amidst the mountains.

  1. Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate

Passing through Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate, travelers can admire the entire panorama of the Northwest mountainous region. Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate offers a peaceful atmosphere to visitors with ripe rice fields and majestic beauty.

  1. Sung La Valley

Sung La Valley is considered the fairyland of Ha Giang province, where various types of flowers bloom in the garden, and ancient houses, especially the famous Pao house, can be found. If you embark on a journey in the spring, you won’t be disappointed when you immerse yourself in the tranquility of the countryside and the seductive beauty of triangular circuit flowers.

Some Notes for Traveling to Lung Cu Flagpole

– If you are visiting this place for the first time, it’s advisable to take a bus to Ha Giang province first and then experience the beautiful Lung Cu by motorcycle, which is safer (the road to Ha Giang is quite steep).

– Remember to bring warm clothing in winter because temperatures drop significantly at night, especially at high altitudes where you’ll be hiking.

– Lastly, it’s convenient to wear sneakers or hiking boots when traveling.


In conclusion, this article has introduced a worthy travel destination – Lung Cu Flagpole. If you are passionate about witnessing magnificent scenery, you cannot miss Ha Giang city, especially Lung Cu Flagpole. We hope it provides you with sufficient information to experience and enjoy your journey. What are you waiting for? Let’s book a trip with now.